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The Goddess Divine

Eye of Ra Soap

Eye of Ra Soap

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The Eye of Ra, a significant symbol in ancient Egyptian mythology, represents various aspects including protection, power, and wisdom. Depicted as a stylized eye often adorned with markings resembling a falcon's plumage, this symbol embodies the watchful and all-seeing nature of the sun god Ra. It also reflects the sun's transformative and life-giving energy.

The Eye of Ra has a dual nature, embodying both creation and destruction. It is associated with the concept of duality and the cyclical nature of life, as seen in the eye's opening and closing resembling the sun's rising and setting. This duality is mirrored in the two versions of the symbol, the left "wadjet" eye representing feminine aspects like intuition and lunar qualities, while the right "eye of Ra" represents masculine characteristics such as logic and solar attributes.


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