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The Goddess Divine

Jupiter Candle

Jupiter Candle

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Our Jupiter Candle is perfect for anyone seeking to enhance their abundance and prosperity, attract new opportunities, and align with their true purpose. Made with premium coconut wax and scented with a blend of sweet orange oil and patchouli, this candle is designed to energize the mind, promote relaxation, and enhance joy and happiness.

To support your manifestation and help you release old difficulties, this candle is also infused with sprinkles of Gold and Peridot Crystals, known to open the heart chakra and attract abundance. As you light the candle, feel the energy of the crystals infusing your space with positivity and healing.

Jupiter governs long-distance and foreign travels, big business, wealth, and higher education. As you light this candle on the Jupiter day in the Jupiter hour, you can align your material universe with your exact meaning and delight, allowing you to attract growth, expansion, prosperity, good fortune, and miracles into your life.

Whether you're looking to manifest a new business venture, attract more wealth and success, or simply bask in the energy of Jupiter, our candle is the perfect tool for you to experience the abundance and prosperity of the planet Jupiter. 

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