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The Goddess Divine

Amethyst Cluster

Amethyst Cluster

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Amethyst is a crystal that is commonly used for its metaphysical and healing properties. Here are some of its key properties:

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration that can help to enhance intuition and psychic abilities.
  • It is often used to promote clarity of thought and to help connect with higher states of consciousness.
  • Amethyst is also said to help with emotional balance, stress relief, and promoting peaceful energy.
  • It is believed to enhance spiritual awareness and assist in spiritual growth.

Healing Properties:

  • Amethyst is said to help with physical ailments such as headaches, insomnia, and immune system disorders.
  • It is also used to help with addiction recovery and overcoming negative behaviors and patterns.
  • Amethyst is believed to have a calming and soothing effect on the mind and body, helping to reduce anxiety and stress.
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